Essential #1: Levis 510s

I've decided that within the next couple weeks/months or so that I will compile a total of 20 essential items that I cannot quite possibly live without. Such items can be anything from clothing, records to childhood memorabilia. Hopefully I will remember to complete this list, but if I don't...well then...I guess i'll work with what i have.

The first essential item that I have just recently discovered around this September is the ever-so-awesome Levis 510 Super Skinny Jeans. Before the 510s, I've been rocking a bunch of other skinny jeans that just simply didn't cut it. The American Apparel slim slack used to be my go-to skinnys, but the quality of the jeans is simply crap. I swear by after 3 washes, the original color fades to a good two shades down from its original color. I have 3 pairs of these slim slacks and they have all suffered the same fate as the previous slacks - color fades and the pocket stitches slowly tear apart (but not completely).

Levi's 510 has definitely hit the spot in terms of fit and price. The jeans sit a little lower on hips, tapers quite nicely below the knee hugging my calves at an appropriate level of tightness. Also, the selection of washes on the 510s are just incredible! I picked up what looks like a raw denim wash, and I've been wearing it almost everyday. At about $90 CAD, you can pick them up at Urban Outfitters, Holt Renfrew, Levi's store, and I think even at selected Bay department stores. Even if you don't like the super skinny fit, go make your dad (and me) proud by getting yourself an original pair of Levi's jeans!


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