Essential #4: 13 " Aluminum Unibody Macbook Pro

I know, i know...I'm one of "those guys" - the Apple lover/whore/elitist/the guy who can't shut up about how crappy the new Windows 7 is (I personally like it actually). But I wasn't like this before. In fact, there was a point in my life where I was pro-Windows. I always thought anyone who owned an Apple computer/laptop were technologically illiterate or were simply bought in by Apple's undeniably sexy looks and the skewed, simplistic commercials where the guy from Jeeper's Creepers and Dodgeball tells me why Macs are better than PCs. Here's one of the many 'brillant' ads that have convinced many dumb blondes (and apparently me) alike that Mac is the way to go. Apparently Mac just makes everything sexier?

As much as I wanted to punch a hole in Justin Long's face everytime I saw him attempt to convince me and millions of viewers that Macs are the way to go, I somehow (and I still actually don't know how) caved in. I know its not because of these stupid ads, but I think was more of the fact that Windows has continuously failed me when I needed it the most. Let me illustrate:

It was the summer of 2008, and I was tirelessly working on a ecology lab report that was due in about three days. As I wrote my final concluding remarks, I thought to myself "Hey...this shit actually sounds good...and since I'm almost done, I'll take a little break and play some Xbox". I leave my computer, and after 2 hours of sweaty, sexual gaming, I come back to see the infamous "blue screen of death". I freak out and curse Microsoft Windows forever! As a result, I had to redo my paper ALL OVER AGAIN. Thankfully, I had a rough copy stored in one of my e-mail accounts just in case something like that happened.

You thought that story was fucked? Just go ask anyone who has tempered with Windows and I assure you that there are far worse. The funny thing about my scenario is that it HAPPENED BEFORE. I decided to let it slide because I managed to system restore it, but after this incident I had fucking enough.

And so I got the Macbook Pro, and let me tell you - It is everything that faggoty Justin Long says and MORE! Stability, looks, ease of use, speed, performance. Just everything a laptop should be, unlike its Windows cousins. The only con that I can list out is the price. At a base price of about $1200 CAD for the 13 "model to about $2000 for the 17", it does dig deep into your pockets. BUT rest assured, it's all worth it. Many of my friends who own macbooks have had it for all 4 years of their university career and not ONCE has it failed them. I did have some problems with my office suite because I switched to the new Snow Leopard OS, but Apple does a GREAT job in terms of support. They come out with solutions through their updates almost immediately. In terms of programs and gaming, Bootcamp solves that problem by allowing you to switch to a Windows OS if you need to use Windows-only games or programs. It comes with EVERY Mac.

Convinced? You should be, especially if you've had problems with Windows. If I've done any better of a job as Justin Long has through his irritating commercials, go grab a Macbook or iMac at your local Apple retailer or online like I did!


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