Essential #2: The V Neck T-Shirt

If there's anyone who truly knows me, they should know for a fact that I LOVE V-NECK TEES. I love them so much that I basically have one v-neck t-shirt for almost every color imaginable.

So why do I love them so much? One word - VERSATILITY and OH BABY I'm all about that. Its the one thing that separates this cut of t-shirts from other cuts like the crewneck tee. Let me explain: crew necks look the best by itself or underneath a hoodie or a jacket, but try making a crewneck shirt one of your undershirts when you're rocking ...let's say a dress shirt... and you'll figure out why they suck - it ruins your color swatch of your outfit! The V-neck tee solves that problem by carefully hiding itself underneath that dress shirt or whatever outershirt you have on, which thereby allows you to expose the MANLINESS underneath - I'm talking about that collarbone skin and oh baby does it attract the ladies ESPECIALLY if you got extra au-natural sweater underneath (I'm not kidding LOL)!

Also, v-necks are friggen comfortable! It gives you the same "breezy-ness" feeling as tank tops do but instead it's a t-shirt! Oh man I can ramble on about the epicness of v-necks, but I'm short on time (this is my 'study break'). The v-neck shown here is a heather grey American Apparel V neck. You can get it for about $22 CAD, and it's HONESTLY the best v-neck out there - no competition whatsoever! Perfect fit, excellent quality, and classic looks.

My only advice to any males out there rocking the v-neck - PLEASE DON'T EVER GET THE DEEP V-NECKS. You'll look like a complete douche...and it's gay.

Disclaimer: I got nothing against gays...only deep v neck shirts worn by any males gay or straight. Please don't rock it. Please.


Anna said...

LOL the deep v's for the girls! cool blog jon!

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