Essential #3: Sperry Topsider Boat Shoes

Hey fellas, what's the very first thing you do when you get home after a long day of walking, drinking, studying, or seducing by that matter? Well If the latter applies to you and you've manage to reel in some fish then I'm sure you'll have other things to "do"...BUT for the most of us, the first thing we do is we take off our shoes. After we take off our shoes, we take off those bloody things that are suppose to keep our feet and toes nice and cushiony but in fact restrain them from the freedom that it truly needs. Socks - quite possibly the bane of my existence. And yes my fellow dudes, I know you hate them as much as i do.

But how do we sock-hating folk find the proper footwear that appeals to both our fashion sense and our feet? Flip-flops are one of the solutions, but it certainly doesn't keep them warm for long because once winter or even fall roll around, our feet get cold faster than 50 cent's acting career.

So what is the answer? Boat shoes! Specifically Sperry Topsider brand original boat shoes. Why? Because socks are optional! Matter of fact, they look better without them! They can also be worn all season round, with 75% of the time allowing you the option of no socks - winter obviously doesn't permit that but you can go sockless if you desire.

These are a true American classic placed along side with cardigans, blue oxford dress shirts, and blue jeans.They have been commonly associated with preppy white boys in the past, but that image has been slightly blurred out and replaced with this:

It seems that hip-hop artists and fashionistas out there have made these babies trendy again, with a huge surge off boat shoe-like shoes from brands like Vans, BBC, and Converse releasing their off spin of the Sperry Topsider's original boat shoe model. However, if you're somewhat old fashion like me and enjoy rocking 'originals', then I recommend the Sperry Topsider brand.

I have 2 boat shoes as of right now and I absolutely love them. They're comfortable and oh so versatile - they can practically be worn on any outfit! At about $100 CAD, these shoes are quite the snag when considering the overall versatility and durability of these babies. Grab a pair from any speciality shoe store boutique like Browns or Townshoes, and let your feet free!


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